My February doldrums haiku…ahem…

Have the stomach flu

I’ve been knitting and **ting

For the last 2 days

Yup. I thought I’d bring you, my gentle readers, into my hell.  The 6 foot high snow bank (no lie) is a bit shorter and there are actually patches of ground for DaisyMae to use as her “spot.” The wind today is pretty gusty and although it looked a bit nice out earlier, I, alas, have been stuck inside. This stomach bug is just not fun. Rice, ginger ale, water and saltines have been my chosen menu for about 46 hours while I stayed home from work yesterday (sparing my co-workers in my day job from my condition) and alternated between sleeping (having snoozed only 2 hours the night before) and knitting a new hat for myself and, well, just plain bitching about how crappy I feel.

I looked outside at our garden, still buried under about 3 feet of snow and wondered how soon it will be before I’m digging again. We had our sundried tomatoes in a neat little vegetarian dish last week. What will we be eating at this time next year (can you tell I have food on the brain? The bland diet is just so, what’s the word? Boring?) We plan to have the greenhouse completed, so will I finally be able to trudge out and pick greens even though it’s Winter? Will we have canned or frozen enough veggies to eat throughout the year? Gosh, I hope so. I like that we still have some things left in the pantry and freezer: 1/2 bottle of maple syrup; herbs; ketchup; tomato sauce; sundried tomatoes; garlic; green beans; carrots; shallots. I was hoping we’d be able to use our veggies in at least every home-cooked meal throughout the non-growing season. We’re not quite there (sometimes, you just crave spaghetti with parm and butter and nothing else), but we’re pretty close. To take my mind off my misery, I thought I’d share…here’s that neat little vegetarian dish (a bit modified from the original which was something we ate once and tried our best to copy).

(Without measurements. Use the force, Luke.) (There! She did it again. She stuck in a Star Wars reference in her gardening blog. HOW DOES SHE DO IT?)

Pie Crust for 2 pies

About a cup of sundried tomatoes, boiled until soft, then drained and pureed.

1 can of artichoke hearts (unmarinated). Drain and chop.

Roasted red peppers, chopped

Shredded mozzarella

1 container ricotta

Grated Parmesan

2 eggs

Heat oven to 350

Put 1 crust in pie plate for pie bottom.

Spread sundried tomato paste on bottom of crust

Mix ricotta with 1 egg, some ground pepper and some grated parm (you know, like lasagne) (We are low sodium here in the DaisyPatch household, so feel free to add a pinch of salt if your taste desires, but try it without, there’s enough flavor in here, you migh be able to skip it.)

Spread ricotta mixture on top of tomato paste.

Sprinkle (ok, pour) shredded mozzarella over ricotta.

Layer on chopped artichokes.

Layer on chopped red peppers (scarce, or you’ll be dying of heartburn 2 hours later, TRUST ME!)

More mozzarella (can you ever have too much?)

Put the other pie crust on top and, using the other egg that you’ve beaten with a fork (and called a few names because it doesn’t know its place and didn’t listen to you like good eggs should), brush the egg over the crust.

Bake in the oven until top is golden brown.

Enjoy while I go make myself some rice. (OH! and Keith just poured himself some of our favorite wine! This is torture.)

~By the way, you can subscribe to this blog if you like. I won’t mind. This way, when I update, it will get emailed to you. I don’t sell the email addresses or anything.

One small note before we get down to business.  I am a sci-fi geek as well as a SAP. It doesn’t go so far as having ever played Dungeons and Dragons, though. (To be honest, I’m surprised I never did.) Well, we FINALLY just watched Avatar. Ok, well, we watched the first 1/4 of it then I watched the rest of it. (See, he is NOT a sci-fi geek.) And I cried. Twice. And I want to watch it again. All weekend. Ok, it feels a bit better to admit that.

Actual DaisyPatch news begins here: Did you see the “That 70’s Show” episode where Eric has this dream sequence…”Panties..Glorious Panties?”  That’s how I feel with seeds right now. They’re arriving by mail, I’m taking them out of cabinets, drawers, jars and refrigerators. They are everywhere. I am poring over them like, oh I don’t know, my old Star Wars trading cards perhaps? The ones that came with the worst bubble gum ever. I am pretty sure I saw them in our basement one day, by the way. Hmmm…wonder what they’re worth. It looks like some of those cards are worth about 25cents each. I might have enough to buy…I think at least a packet of seeds.

(Man, look at that, FULL CIRCLE. I am ON FIRE! If you are not keeping up, I went from Sci-Fi to Seeds, back to Sci-Fi and then back to Seeds. Technically, 2 circles. Damn.)

I have pulled the ultimate rookie move (until I pull the next ultimate rookie move). I ordered seeds based upon the name and the picture. Yup. I have no idea…Well, except the beets. I ordered the beets because they were identified as good Winter keepers. Other than that…”Ooh, purple carrots.” Click. “Ooh, Sunberry, what’s that?” Click. “Druzba? How do you say that? DROOZbuh. DroozBAAA. DRUZbuuuuh. Darooooozzzbaaaaaa. Yeah. I want that. I want to say ‘Darooooozzzbaaaaaa.‘” Click. (I promise to learn how to insert .wav files before next post with sound! For now, deal with that.)

I also, in keeping with my resolutions, have ordered Daisies. Shasta Daisies, OxEye Daisies and Painted Daisies. We’re called the DaisyPatch for crissakes, we’re gonna have some damn daisies. HooRah.

So, keep coming back as I keep you posted about all these unique (and hopefully edible, crap, what if they’re not?!) vegetable varieties.

Next post…Pics of some freaky bird-chicken-hawk-foghorn-leghorn-falcony-owl thing that Keith has been watching in the backyard and a philosphical discussion (with myself, oh yeah, it can happen) about what actually defines “edible” because, I have started to question that a little bit.

*Now, hm, what to name this post. Star Seeds? BattleSeed Galactica? DeepSpace Seed? SeedGate 9?…