DaisyPatch Farm

As I mentioned here, Mr. Potatohead, our patron saint of potatoes, will be modeling each variety of potatoes we grew this year. Behold, Cranberry Red potatoes.

Yes, he is sitting in cranberry sauce.


Producer: Jenn Gorius Gosselin, DaisyPatch Farm

Co-Producer: Erica McAllister

Costuming: Jenn Gorius Gosselin, Erica McAllister

Photography: Erica McAllister, Jenn Gorius Gosselin

Lighting: Jenn Gorius Gosselin, Erica McAllister

Someone posted Keith’s photo as their own.  Here’s the original  and here’s the stolen photo. Bastard. That’s all I can say. Gratefully, some people came to my defense, found the original photo on our site and gave us credit. 

What I find fascinating is that it caused over 1700 hits on our site in one day. And several more subscribers. Um, I am not sure if this is a good thing. I will need to wait and see. When it comes to stealing someone else’s photos off the internet, JUST SAY NO.