We have eBay and Amazon gift cards just burning holes in our pockets after Christmas. What to do? What to do? Wii games? Books? Wolf urine? UFO Detector (Only $149.95! Bargain if you ask me!) Nope. Keith has been looking up tumbling composters. (Although I may have to send him that link for the UFO detector. Oh the fun we would have!) I have been using a composting bucket in the kitchen for years. I line it with eco bags from Gardener’s Supply catalog. When it is full, I fling it into the pile outside. The problem is, the pile gets sort of nasty in the Winter since the weeds aren’t covering up the stuff I throw down there.

There are all types of composters. Tumbling ones that turn with a crank, bins that sit side by side, rolling composters. So many choices, we’re like kids in a candy store (only it’s a website and we’re middle-aged.) (Ugh! Really? I guess yeah, we are. Damn.) We have been putting off buying one for a few years now because of the cost. Some are over $200. Then, I did the math on how many bags of compost I purchased to keep mounding over the potatoes, not to mention the guilt I felt by adding all those plastic bags that contained the compost to the landfill, and I think we’ll bite the bullet this year and are glad to have the gift cards.

With the use of the compost bucket in the house (into which I put paper towels too), and the fact that we recycle as much as we can, (and, ok, I will admit it, I have been known to wash, dry and reuse ziploc bags. I’m not cheap! I just can’t live with putting them in the landfill) we usually don’t have that much garbage. They really only need to come every 2 weeks to pick up the trash. Now our big decision is, what kind to get.

Exciting, right? I swear sometimes, I just can’t stand how thrilling this all is. Tune in next time for the continuing stoooooooory (of a cat, who’s gone to the dogs. PLEASE tell me you got that. Please. Poor Mark Hamill. So typecast.)