February 2012

The following is a letter I wrote to Laurie and Kezia of edible  on 2/24.

Happy sugaring season. We tap trees this weekend and I am rolling around in seed catalogs like a chicken in a dust bath (look at me with the poultry analogy as if I have owned them for years). 
Baby chicks arrive the week of 4/16 in case Michael wanted to bring the photo snapper. I am giddy. I consulted www.thebump.com and have all the names picked out. 
Mr. Cooper (Hawk) is waiting. He perches in the tippity-top of the tree across the street and I swear I saw him lick his beak this morning in anticipation of munching Miss Marguerite (although I fully expect Mildred will be my favorite!) Bastard. I plot his demise. 
On a less violent note, our winter greens survived and I am making salad tonight for Keith and our niece, a brilliant and beautiful senior in college who is up for the weekend.
Hope you both are well!
Take care,

I will admit, I didn’t know if Letters to Cleo was a movie or a band or a book until I just looked it up. I just thought the title worked.

Second admission: I thought it was high time for a blog post, but am too tired to come up with something unique so I posted a letter.

Third admission. I’m not too tired. Just too lazy.

We have eBay and Amazon gift cards just burning holes in our pockets after Christmas. What to do? What to do? Wii games? Books? Wolf urine? UFO Detector (Only $149.95! Bargain if you ask me!) Nope. Keith has been looking up tumbling composters. (Although I may have to send him that link for the UFO detector. Oh the fun we would have!) I have been using a composting bucket in the kitchen for years. I line it with eco bags from Gardener’s Supply catalog. When it is full, I fling it into the pile outside. The problem is, the pile gets sort of nasty in the Winter since the weeds aren’t covering up the stuff I throw down there.

There are all types of composters. Tumbling ones that turn with a crank, bins that sit side by side, rolling composters. So many choices, we’re like kids in a candy store (only it’s a website and we’re middle-aged.) (Ugh! Really? I guess yeah, we are. Damn.) We have been putting off buying one for a few years now because of the cost. Some are over $200. Then, I did the math on how many bags of compost I purchased to keep mounding over the potatoes, not to mention the guilt I felt by adding all those plastic bags that contained the compost to the landfill, and I think we’ll bite the bullet this year and are glad to have the gift cards.

With the use of the compost bucket in the house (into which I put paper towels too), and the fact that we recycle as much as we can, (and, ok, I will admit it, I have been known to wash, dry and reuse ziploc bags. I’m not cheap! I just can’t live with putting them in the landfill) we usually don’t have that much garbage. They really only need to come every 2 weeks to pick up the trash. Now our big decision is, what kind to get.

Exciting, right? I swear sometimes, I just can’t stand how thrilling this all is. Tune in next time for the continuing stoooooooory (of a cat, who’s gone to the dogs. PLEASE tell me you got that. Please. Poor Mark Hamill. So typecast.)