(Catchy title, but I’m not talking about the Grateful Dead…RIP Jerry)

Here’s my end of the season haiku…

The season just bit

We started a ton of plants

Most of which have died

So, here I am, a garden blog writer, and I feel like our garden just sucked this year. Now, I understand, the title of our blog is, “Learning to fend for ourselves” and I don’t admit to knowing it all. As a matter of fact, many a gentle DaisyPatch reader has commented with excellent advice because, well, we needed it (and for that, we thank you). Here I am, looking back on our crops and thinking, “Damn, there isn’t much in the pantry and/or freezer.” Actually, let me tell you what’s in the pantry and/or freezer.


Potatoes (not very many)


Hot Peppers

Husk Cherries


Tomato sauce (not much)

2 F***ing Pumpkins.  TWO!


Here’s what’s happened to the rest of the crops:

Lettuce – That was a good crop

Beans: Dead

Peas: I enjoyed them for a while, but there weren’t very many

Shallots: Good, but only a few

Cilantro: Didn’t make it

Butternut squash: Dead

Acorn Squash: Dead

Edamame: Dead

Sugar Pumpkins: Dead

Weeds: Still our best crop

That’s it. There are some herbs I need to harvest and dry, but all in all, we didn’t have a successful season. We ate tomatoes as we harvested them, but a lot of them went to crap. So, what does this mean for our future gardening plans? I have to admit, I don’t know. Yes, we plan on planting things. The lettuce, arugula and spinach have been planted, as well as the spring carrots and I plan on planting more garlic and shallots in the next week or so. We will not be planting tomatoes next year. That is sort of a shame, but we don’t have much choice.

I am unsure about squash. I mean the 2 F***ing Pumpkins are cute and all, but they took up a lot of room. I want more variety next year. Just more things in general. We’re taking suggestions. If they could be mildew and fungus resistant, that would be helpful. No brussels sprouts please.