We are freshly back from vacation and, just like last year, have blight on our tomato leaves. Keith’s comment that will stick with me for a while is, “Spots scare me.”

Me too. We got in a 2:30 in the morning, woke up around 9 and proceeded to pick off all the spotty leaves and spray with Bonide (organic) fungicide spray. We already have tomatoes setting and so we hope to save the crop. 49 plants this year. Fingers crossed.

Here’s what’s happened to the rest of the crops:

Beans: dead

Basil: chewed

Edamame: Looks like crap. I promised this was the last year. It will be.

Acorn Squash: Looks good

Pumpkins: Look good

Cukes: Good

Peas: Holy crap, they shot right up

Lettuce: Mostly bolted, I pulled all but a few heads and will put in a summer crop of carrots

Shallots: Great

Cilantro: Can’t find it

Husk Cherries: Taking over my pansies like a weed. Hooray.

Hot peppers: Not bad, not good. Just sort of there.

Potatoes: WOWSY. I went and purchased more Coast of Maine Compost and Peat to hill them up. The greens are over the tops of the bins. Pics to come (I know posts without pictures are boring, but hey, I was busy, did you see the part about the blight?)

Weeds: Lookin’ real good. Our best crop, actually.