Our niece, Erica, had been tweeting with me about making cookies. So, put money where your mouth is kid, get your tushie over here, let’s bake it up! The Morning of the Cookie was to begin at 10 this morning. So, while enjoying our ice cream from Lago’s last night (seriously, the best ice cream stand, no arguments), we sat at the breakfast bar and perused the many cook books and, of course, The Repertoire. In the end, all we needed was The Repertoire, because we found a sheet I had ripped out of a magazine showing different ways to use sugar cookies and immediately agreed on what we would bake. Visions of sugar plums danced in our heads overnight (probably not, but you gotta give me that one).

If it were nice out, I would have wanted to garden, but alas, no sun. Cool, gray and spitty (you know, not raining, but not drizzle, just rain that sort of spits – spitty). Perfect weather to bake. We hit the grocery store first thing and came back with ingredients for breakfast as well as the cookies. Keith made Monte Cristos, which he and Erica seemed to like better with a bit of DaisyPatch maple syrup (well, truthfully, what ISN’T made better by a bit of DaisyPatch maple syrup, I ask you?)

We started with my famous chocolate chip cookies. One batch made only 18, that’s how big these guys are. So good. Just the right amount of salt to bring out the chocolate of the milk chocolate chips. Then we had fun. Gel food coloring and colored sugar. I found myself lamenting about the lack of glitter in my childhood. Shouldn’t all little girls have glitter? Erica’s response, “Glitter is the herpes of craft supplies.” I about choked up a cookie I was taste-testing (which reminds me of a story…someone I know who probably doesn’t read this blog, but, if he does would be embarrassed if I mentioned his name, once, a long time ago, choked on a chocolate chip cookie as a child and it, well, went up the back and got stuck at the very top of his nose. You know, inside. We (the others shall remain nameless to protect the innocent) just about passed out from laughing while watching the poor lad, almost in tears, hold his finger to the other side of his nose to hold it shut, suck in huge gulps of air until his cheeks were puffy. He’d then PUSH the air out the other nostril, trying to BLOW the cookie chunk out of his nose. It took several attempts, but finally we could hear the chunk sort of “thwick” out his nose and land in the kitchen sink. It has probably been 30 years and I can still hear that noise. Ah, memories.)

We had no such mishaps today. We did, however, find out that we’re both a bit OCD. (Ok, more than a bit.) The cookies had to be just so. The colored sugar needed to be Exactly. Like. This. Erica said, “Who cares? They look FABULOUS!” So much fun. We filled glittery cookies with Nutella. We filled others with jam (including DaisyPatch Farm Husk Cherry Lemon spread, which, honestly, was a bit too watery and didn’t hold up real well. The red raspberry jam was the best.)

BEHOLD! The Morning of the Cookie.