I begged for it, pleaded for it and now…it is finally here. A new computer! (Oh, and Spring showed up too!) So, here’s my first post on the new Mac. I shall age myself here – it has been 16 years since I was on a Mac. Here we go…

We started seeds last weekend.  Let me say it again. LAST WEEKEND. I mentioned in a previous post that we use heat mats under our seed starting trays. Well guess what, folks! EVERYTHING has started. Weeeeeell, not everything, the cilantro seeds have not. (Bastards!) But, all the others have. Crap. They are going strong. Very strong. Like, uh oh, did I start the beans too early? Also, the Edamame looks good. Edamame and I have a very interesting relationship. I planted more. I know, I know, I’m just asking for disappointment, but dammit, I’m going to have a bowl of steamed edamame with a pinch of salt that I GREW MYSELF.