January 2011

For the last few posts, I have been teasing you about some freaky bird-chicken-hawk-foghorn-leghorn-falcony-owl thing that Keith has been watching in the backyard and a philosphical discussion about what actually defines “edible”. Well, get up off those pins and needles you’ve been sitting on, here we go.

A few weeks ago, my main squeeze, the love of my life, (and my personal chef! Bless him. I requested Beef Stroganoff tonight. Guess what smells SOOO good as I type this? Yup. You may begin your jealousy…NOW) saw a large bird in the backyard, behind the gardens, sort of hanging out in the brush (or is it “scrub”? You know. There.) Here’s a reenactment of the conversation that occurred when he showed me the picture.


Him: What do you think it is?

Me: That’s a falcon I think.

Him: I think it could be an owl.

Me: I don’t know. Zoom in. Nah, that’s a hawk or a falcon or something. Look at the tail. Can you zoom in some more?

Him: Look at the face, that looks like an owl.


Me: It’s a ChickenHawk. Boy, I say, Boy. That’s a ChickenHawk (in my best Foghorn Leghorn).

Him: Maybe it is a hawk. See that beak?

(Ok, now we’re getting real Audobon Society over here now…)

Me: (Thinking I am hilarious with my whole Foghorn Leghorn imitation of the conversation he had with Henery (spelled correctly, thank you Google!) Hawk.) Boy, I say Boy…

Him: (Searching the web and ignoring me. Shows me a picture.) Well, this one looks like it, but the tail’s not right.

Me: That’s what I’ve been – I say, that’s what I’ve been telling you, boy!

Him: I found it. This is definitely it. It’s a Cooper’s Hawk. Check it out. It’s got the face of an owl, but that beak and tail like what was in the back yard.

Me: (Noting that my antics were just not getting any attention, decided to give up on immitating Foghorn Leghorn.) (Ok, it was because, quite frankly, I couldn’t remember any more quotes and I had said, ‘Boy, I say, Boy’ so many times, I was irritating myself.) Think he’s eating the moles out there?

(Yes, that is the entire story, worth waiting for, huh? Stick with me, there’s much more where this came from…)


I think the newest definition of edible will have to wait until next time.  (Although, I will tell you, I know for a fact that his Beef Stroganoff is edible. Ok, that sounded risque’. I mean the dish on the stove, you silly goose!)

The DaisyPatch has several followers. Some subscribe, some find it through LinkedIn and Twitter. Others find us by searching for a key term like “Daisies” or “Houdan Chicken” or “Guano.”  The search term yesterday, however, tops them all.  Are you ready?

Oh, before I go there, I promised in the last post I would discuss a few things like the pics of some freaky bird-chicken-hawk-foghorn-leghorn-falcony-owl thing that Keith has been watching in the backyard and a philosphical discussion about what actually defines “edible”, BUT, this has GOT to be shared.

Here, is the search that was conducted yesterday that landed this poor soul on my mis-directed gardening site…

Ok, before I share it, I just have to tell you, this cracks me up. I mean, WHAT Google/Yahoo/Bing search algorithms landed this person on www.daisypatchfarm.com?

Ok here it is. Ready?    The search terms were          men “ratty underwear”

Yes. That was it. Men “Ratty Underwear”.  Let’s break it down.

Men Ok, innocent enough. Plural of “Man.”  Ok. Understood. So, we’re talking about guys. This person has more than one man in his or her life that is related to the next phrase which BLOWS MY MIND.

“ratty underwear”  in quotes. You see, the part that it was in quotes is the BEST PART. THE BEST. Both words belong together and can not be broken apart. The two words must be combined and in this exact order. Combine this EXACT phrase with the word previous and this person doing the seeking has men in his or her life who…what? Have ratty underwear? Hoard ratty underwear? Make ratty underwear?

Let’s drill down some more. WHAT prompted this person to search the internet with these search terms in the first place? I can just picture the guy wearing, well, ratty underwear for lack of a better term, and the spouse getting so frustrated he won’t throw them away that she has to seek help in cyberspace. (Well, I didn’t actually ‘picture’ it because that would mean that I was thinking about another man in his underwear and I’m a married woman and would never, ever, ever do that.) (Mmmmmmmm Marky Mark)

Where was I, oh, right. This person was so driven to, what, exasperation? Disgust? Dare we say, curiosity?

Ok, now that we’re pondering…here’s the magic question. WHAT ON EARTH HAVE I WRITTEN ABOUT IN THE LAST OH, I DON’T KNOW HOW LONG amount of time would have caused the Internet search engine Gods (GOO-Ds (bahahhahaha Google Gods  are GOO-Ds)) to send them here? What did I say? I don’t think I ev…OH! I decided to go look to see if I ever even wrote the word, “Undewear” on the Patch.

Folks. I have. Not only did I write about underwear, I have actually referenced Ratty Underwear.

Welcome to The DaisyPatch – where we discuss gardening, worms, bat shit, underwear, star wars, guns, boobs and more. I am so glad we’re all things to all people. It warms my heart.

Next post, I promise, the pics of some freaky bird-chicken-hawk-foghorn-leghorn-falcony-owl thing that Keith has been watching in the backyard and a philosphical discussion about what actually defines “edible.”

Ratty undewear…hah, whoda thought?



One small note before we get down to business.  I am a sci-fi geek as well as a SAP. It doesn’t go so far as having ever played Dungeons and Dragons, though. (To be honest, I’m surprised I never did.) Well, we FINALLY just watched Avatar. Ok, well, we watched the first 1/4 of it then I watched the rest of it. (See, he is NOT a sci-fi geek.) And I cried. Twice. And I want to watch it again. All weekend. Ok, it feels a bit better to admit that.

Actual DaisyPatch news begins here: Did you see the “That 70’s Show” episode where Eric has this dream sequence…”Panties..Glorious Panties?”  That’s how I feel with seeds right now. They’re arriving by mail, I’m taking them out of cabinets, drawers, jars and refrigerators. They are everywhere. I am poring over them like, oh I don’t know, my old Star Wars trading cards perhaps? The ones that came with the worst bubble gum ever. I am pretty sure I saw them in our basement one day, by the way. Hmmm…wonder what they’re worth. It looks like some of those cards are worth about 25cents each. I might have enough to buy…I think at least a packet of seeds.

(Man, look at that, FULL CIRCLE. I am ON FIRE! If you are not keeping up, I went from Sci-Fi to Seeds, back to Sci-Fi and then back to Seeds. Technically, 2 circles. Damn.)

I have pulled the ultimate rookie move (until I pull the next ultimate rookie move). I ordered seeds based upon the name and the picture. Yup. I have no idea…Well, except the beets. I ordered the beets because they were identified as good Winter keepers. Other than that…”Ooh, purple carrots.” Click. “Ooh, Sunberry, what’s that?” Click. “Druzba? How do you say that? DROOZbuh. DroozBAAA. DRUZbuuuuh. Darooooozzzbaaaaaa. Yeah. I want that. I want to say ‘Darooooozzzbaaaaaa.‘” Click. (I promise to learn how to insert .wav files before next post with sound! For now, deal with that.)

I also, in keeping with my resolutions, have ordered Daisies. Shasta Daisies, OxEye Daisies and Painted Daisies. We’re called the DaisyPatch for crissakes, we’re gonna have some damn daisies. HooRah.

So, keep coming back as I keep you posted about all these unique (and hopefully edible, crap, what if they’re not?!) vegetable varieties.

Next post…Pics of some freaky bird-chicken-hawk-foghorn-leghorn-falcony-owl thing that Keith has been watching in the backyard and a philosphical discussion (with myself, oh yeah, it can happen) about what actually defines “edible” because, I have started to question that a little bit.

*Now, hm, what to name this post. Star Seeds? BattleSeed Galactica? DeepSpace Seed? SeedGate 9?…

As I sat at the breakfast bar watching Keith prepare an evening snack last night (carbs were necessary, we were still recovering from the New Year’s Eve party), I was hit by a sudden thought, “It’s January 1st, 2011,” I said. “Yup” was his reply.

It was a short exchange, but full of meaning. Interesting, I didn’t ask it as a question. I just said it out loud as I realized it. It shouldn’t have been a surprise, I do not stay up until 2AM drinking champagne with best friends very often (although, hm, that sounds sort of nice. Add that to the resolution list!) 2010 flew by. It brought many ups and many downs, but overall, I am grateful and thankful for all that we have – health, home, friends, jobs, each other (yes, I am a sap and just choked up a little as I type this. Those who know me will not be suprised. Those who are just getting to know me through this little blog – let me introduce myself. My name is Jenn, and I am a sap. When Mr. Brady scolded Marcia for sneaking around when she was grounded, but she actually was mailing her nomination for him for Father of the Year, I bawled like a colicky infant. If someone gets engaged, even in a movie, forgedduboudit! Get the tissues.)

As I look forward to the new year in front of me, I find myself doing what I always do at this time. You know the resolutions, every magazine in the grocery check-out aisle around this time of year feeds to our desire to change, “Lose 10 Pounds in 7 Days Just by Changing Your Shampoo” or “Pluck Your Way to a Happier, Healthier You With These Revolutionary Tweezers” and of course, “Reduce Stress Like a Celebrity, Only Legally. Page 79 Shows You How.”

These aren’t the type of resolutions I want to make (although, one too many cookies has been ingested, so perhaps meneeds to rethink this…)

Anyway, changes will be along the lines of frugality and self-sufficiency. We plan to expand our little homestead, hopefully being able to build the coop and get chickens this year. (Yes, it’s definitely about eggs and meat, but I would be lying if I didn’t tell you that a small part of me wants to say “Dorking Cock” on a daily basis. It makes me giggle.)

I think I’m pretty good at it, but I would like to continue to recognize the beauty in every day and be thankful for what we have.

I would like to waste less. If we don’t eat it, it’ll go in the compost pile to be used on the garden. (And, yes, dear Erica, this does mean I plan to wash more ZipLoc bags than ever. I am NOT crazy, I just can’t stand the thought of all that plastic in the landfill just because I wanted convenience.)

I want to try more things…new plant varieties, new sports, new hobbies. I tried stained glass last year, but Keith tried to get me on the mountain bike with no luck, maybe this year is the year.

I am not going to go overboard here. I am realistic. These plans sound pretty good for now, although, maybe I’ll go get some of those tweezers…Happy New Year. Thanks for visiting the Daisy Patch.


For those of you who need pictures, here are a few…

Basement Basil

Pineapple Sage

Flower Bud on a Christmas Cactus