After tasting this recipe, I asked, no, begged for it. And got it (insert evil laugh here, you know the one, the heroine is tied up to the train tracks and the guy in the cape is walking away, laughing? That laugh.) The thing of it is, this recipe doesn’t have anything to do with the Daisy Patch. Well, at least not our gardens. It is just a really good recipe and worth sharing.

When Keith and I first started living together, I had never been to a bed and breakfast and thought it would be nice if he and I got away. It was foliage season in New England and, well, I heard that’s what you’re supposed to do. So, I found a B&B online.

This B&B was nice. I would recommend it, if you like Bed and Breakfasts (Beds and Breakfasts? Bedss and Breakfastsss?) however, we soon discovered that the B&B scene wasn’t for us. Walking past grandma’s picture to our room which was very next to someone else’s room (let your mind wander…squeaky bed…right, now you’re sharing our cringe factor) then, the next morning, sitting in the living room with strangers while we waited for breakfast just wasn’t for us. We like our privacy. We also liked breakfast. A lot. The Inn owner served these golden brown baked blobs of goodness in a basket along with the meal. I ate two. They were so good, I almost swooned (What is a swoon? Do I put the back of my hand to my forehead and fall backwards? Do I just roll my eyes with a sigh? Trust me on this, go with it. Meanwhile, I’ll look into swooning and get back to you.)

I finally asked what they were – Scones. (Never heard of a scone.) “What’s in them?” I asked. “Dates and walnuts.” I’d never had a date (the edible kind, er, I mean the delicious kind…oh gosh, I mean..uh…) (Ok, that’s funny if you get it… At least I’m laughing.) before. I asked for the recipe. She was a bit hesitant, but I started gushing over how good they were. She went away and came back with a copy of the recipe. (Hooray! Evil laugh.)

I swear, I have made that recipe at least 100 times since then. They are so good. They are also fattening (so be forewarned). I don’t feel comfortable sharing the name of the Inn in case they don’t want their recipe shared. Yet, I feel I should give them credit, right? Ooh, conundrum. Ok, how about this, why don’t I just show you pictures of how yummy they are and, if you want the recipe, you can write me and I’ll send it?

mmm with mascarpone on top

If you have gotten this far, I have to tell you, I am struggling with the title of this post. Why am I struggling? Because it is kind of on the dumb side, but, I’ve had a really long day at the DJ and it is just making me laugh. I erased it, came up with a few others, read it to Keith who, God love his honesty, told me it wasn’t my best, and still decided to put it there. And it made me laugh. Again. So, it stays. So there.  I’m going to have a scone and go to bed.