It’s been sort of lackluster in regard to color this year. I didn’t start or buy any annuals, instead concentrating on the vegetables. I plan to start some next year because I do miss them. Thankfully, some of our perennials and shrubs are flowering right now, which adds a bit of flair to the mostly green yard. (Ah, flair. Office Space – one of the best movies. ‘You do want to express yourself, don’t you? Well, fifteen is the minimum. Now, it’s up to you whether you want to do just the bare minimum.”)

Perennial Phlox

Endless Summer Hydrangea

Rose of Sharon (birthday gift from my parents)

Rose of Sharon in memory of Whitey the cat

And even this Moon Flower which was growing up the Phlox

If you haven’t noticed, I will point out the obvious. We don’t have any daisies. What the hell? FOUL! False advertising!! That’s right. The Daisy Patch doesn’t have any daisies. Daisy Mae’s picture WAS taken the daisy patch a few years ago, but we relocated them to put in the Chef’s Garden and they didn’t come back. I have a lot of flowers in that category. Cardinal Flower, Perennial Blue Lobelia, Wild Columbine, Wild Lupine, perennial Chrysanthemums, Fiber Optic Grass, Asiatic Lilies. The last one really steams me. I loved our lilies. I picked out some unique ones and they were chewed up by these red beetles called, “Asiatic Lily Beetle.” Imagine that! We don’t like to use sprays and, as I’ve mentioned before, I don’t like to squish bugs. I started doing it anyway (uck) to try to control them, but them kept coming back. Last year, I swear there was a small orgy on the StarGazer lilies. They start by devouring the flower buds and then keep going, leaving only a stem. Each year, the plants would come back shorter and smaller. This year, they emerged, turned yellow and died. Bummer. Even though I grew up around perennials, I don’t have the garden to the point where we always have something blooming, hence the need for annuals.

When we were buying the house, it was Winter and thus, we couldn’t see much of what the property had for plants. We moved in to the house in April and started discovering all the perennials. There were a lot of iris and peonies. I went and bought 30 different hosta and planted them all over the property. I gotta say, we were pretty happy with all the flowers that we discovered with said new home.

Except the Yucca. We hated the Yucca. Once that NASTY tall flower stem lost it’s flowers, the leaves (blades) got all stringy and scrappy looking. They were UG. LEE. So, after dealing with them for a few years, I came home one day and Keith had dug them all up. Hooray. Problem. If you leave just a little tiny bit of root, it’ll send up a new plant. So, if you break the roots into parts digging up the plants, it sends up MANY new plants. This was 5 years ago and even though we had everything dug up with the new septic system last year, we’re still getting little yucca plants. We use the f-word to describe them. Fucking Yucca. Yeah. We hate them that much. I cursed. In writing. On the internet. We hated them. We still have one F’ing Yucca growing up in the compost pile. Bastard. Why won’t you die? Funny, my Mom used to say that one person’s weed is another person’s flower. Someone put these horrible plant monstrosities on the property ON PURPOSE. Why someone would do that, I have no idea. Ok, like, planting big yellow Marigolds? Ugly. Geraniums? Smelly. Zinnias? Boring. Fuschia? Messy. Others? Please share.

No one ever said I wasn’t opinionated.

Please have a bright, sunshiny day and thanks for visiting the Patch.  Come again.

Courtesy of Wikipedia.