First, if you have not seen the South Park episode I am quoting in the title, it is One.Of.The.Funniest. The question is asked, “What does a bunny have to do with Easter?” Hilarious. Look it up on Hulu.

Keith is a home brewer and was a professional brewer for close to 10 years. He bought 2 Hop plants (Humulus) a few years ago and I put them on the side of the house to grow up a 5-foot trellis. I didn’t realize that Hops grow really tall. Really Tall. They didn’t too too well. They didn’t die, but they didn’t flourish.

We had to relocate them when we replaced our leaching field and installed the french drain last year. I didn’t have another spot and so just moved them to the back of the house against the new deck in what I thought was temporary housing. I set up another trellis and forgot about them.

They love it and, for the first time since we’ve had them, have flowered.

You can see how tall they had to get (2 stories, spilling over the deck railing) in order to flower. Keith said, “Guess I’m going to have to make beer.” I want to call it “Home Brew.”  Get it? Home? Brew. Home Brew?  We’re growing it at home. Too boring? Any recommendations?