My early blight haiku…ahem

What the hell is this?

Early blight hit tomatoes

Hope to save the farm

Early reports from the Patch blog and Twitter updates have been that the blight hit several people last year and they lost the crop. Waaah! Let’s say that again – all together now – WAAH! 

I took a water break. It is 11:30 AM. I’ve been outside tending to the tomatoes since 7:30, pulling off the dead and spotted leaves. We bought some fungicide which I’ll apply early tomorrow morning. I am showing no mercy and so far, have pulled 2 plants from the first bed and about a wheelbarrow full of diseased leaves. I am about to go tackle the second bed now. There are 3 more to go. (Yah, you read that right. 4 garden beds of tomatoes. Get out the calculator, kiddos, here’s the math. 4 hours to handle bed #1. 3 more to go at 4 hours apiece…that’s…carry the one…multiply by pi…now take the square root and round up…YES, that’s 12 hours left to this (insert expletive) project. Here’s your scratch-and-sniff sticker. OOh! Banana!) (Those were big when I was growing up, no gold stars for us!)

Reading up on this blight, if I am able to control it, with all the leaves gone, I need to now worry about sunscald. Now I have to put a shade cloth over 4 garden beds. Goody!

Oh and, yes, the garlic needs to be harvested, like, NOW!  

Yes, I’m pissy.

Thanks for reading and your support.  Pictures in the next post.