I entered the kitchen yesterday morning to find this posted above the compost pot (you can see my compost pot here).

If you can’t read it due to my camera-illiteracy, it says, “Save egg shells & coffee grinds.” Keith had been doing some homework.  Crushed egg shells are full of calcium which is great for plant growth and coffee grounds are high in nitrogen, tannic acids and other nutrients that acid-loving plants especially love (read: tomatoes!)  They also ward off slugs and we’ll do anything to ward off slugs. Ok, that was an OBVIOUS statement. Of course, anyone would do anything to ward off slugs. Slugs are pretty gross. (Click here for a picture.) Have you ever accidentally grabbed one with your bare fingers while weeding? Guh! The feeling of a slug getting squished in your hand will send involunatary shivers of, “Bluh! That was icky” all down your body and make you have to pee. I am NOT making this up!  (or is it just me?)

We’ve used the natural slug pellets around our plants, but that gets expensive. I’ve sprinkled them with salt, but that only takes care of the ones you can see and there is just something about the act of shaking salt directly ON the slug and watching it, in fascinated horror, foam up and disentegrate (picture, the Wicked Witch, “I’m melting, I’m melting) that, even though it is a creepy, slimy bug that eats our plants, makes me feel uncomfortable.  We’ve done the “Bury a cup of beer in the ground” trick, but quite honestly, I don’t want to spare the beer – beer belongs in one of 3 places, the fridge, the cooler or the belly.  NOT in the ground. Beer is better used for husband-bait (“Honey, it’s hot. Let’s go in for a beer”) than for slug bait. 

Last year, the little slimeballs ate sections of potatoes, took chunks out of the strawberries and munched  holes through my hostas and sweet peas.

I have written a slug haiku

Oh slugs, I hate you

You will eat my strawberries

Crawl on salt and die

So, it Keith’s espresso habit will ward off slugs and help us do this organically, then I say, “Don’t worry about the  jitters honey, they’ll wear off. Drink up! It’s for the garden.”