I often take a tour of the little-garden-that could as it comes to life in our basement. I visit it before leaving for DJ (day job) in the morning and I visit it when I get home at night.

A week or so ago, we noticed a few seedlings were yellowing. Are they gonna die? I was concerned. On a recent garden stroll, Keith pointed out the once-yellow-now-green plants and said just two words, “Bat shit.” Apparently the Guano is working.

Tomorrow, we head to Farm School. http://yellowhousefarmnh.com/content/2346  Homesteading Heritage Poultry seminar. I’ve decided to call it Chicken Class. No, wait, Cluck U.  I like that better. I was told we should bring a sandwich and wear mucks. What the hell is a muck? I think it is a boot. I will know tomorrow and needless to say, I’m excited for it and a little bit scared. I do not want to fail Cluck U.