The continuing story of a chicken coop that’s gone to the dogs (please let me know if you catch that Muppet reference, because it made me giggle to myself a little bit and I need to know if I did that alone or if someone shared it. Thanks.)

Here’s the latest on Ms. Cheever and her fight to keep her chickens.

Cheever was told that she was in violation of having more than the town-allotted four domestic pets to a residence, as well as a zoning ordinance that requires a farm to be 200 feet from a neighboring property.

Cheever appealed the finding of Building Inspector Richard Mabey by disputing the town ordinance. 

According to the agriculture zoning ordinance, farm buildings that house four or fewer animals that are not raised or kept commercially, but are for family use or pleasure, shall be exempt from the provisions of being 200 feet of a neighboring property, but rather shall not be erected within 50 feet of a neighboring property.

According to her attorney, Richard Clark, Cheever meets the criteria of this exception.

I love this part: If the ZBA does not grant her variance, Cheever has the right to move her case to superior court due to the conflict of state and town law.

So it isn’t even a matter of – which came first, the neighbor or the chicken, it boils down to – which wins, the State or the town. Either way, rooting for Ms. Cheever.


On another note, I am not fast enough to take a picture, so sorry, nothing to show here, but for those who know and love him, Mr. Bunny is back. DaisyMae has chased after him twice so far…in the dark. Bitch. Both times, Keith tells me, she’s gotten to a certain point and just stops running, realizing she’ll never catch him.

Hm…I wonder what she’d do if she caught him… Run, Mr. Bunny, run.


The replacement grow lights finally arrived in the mail (the 48 hours-to-ship promise on the website was a big fat lie!) and we’re back in business. Keith is keeping track of germination rates, watering, venting, installing lights, etc. I look down the basement stairs on occasion and I type. I am trying to feel guilty about it, I am, but I know that my heavy lifting will come when the weather breaks.

We visited the greenhouse supply this weekend and I felt so grown up. Not because of the plans we’re making, more because it was one of those places where, if my parents dragged me there as a kid, I would have been BORED to tears. Wall displays of seedling trays, different installation mechanisms for attaching the plastic to the greenhouse frame, technical information on heating and cooling the greenhouse, info on hydroponics. I would literally have lay down on the floor in a boredom-induced-fake-death. Instead, Keith was like, “Hey, look at this” and I was, “Oh really, neat! What about this?”

We talked tech with the store manager and will be bringing the plastic home and hope to get it on the greenhouse this week (Thanks in advance, Roy, for helping lend a hand and a truck!) It’ll be enough to cover 2 greenhouses. I am sure whether they get the plastic on will depend upon the weather, as it has been snowing for 11 hours now. This pic is from 6 hours ago.

Greenouse frame in the snow. We know, we have to move the firepit!

I plan on building the low tunnels this weekend, again, weather depending, so I can set out that temp gauge and see what I’m dealing with. Over 35 degrees and the Great Lettuce Experiment will commence. Wish us luck!