Did I mention we’re getting a second high tunnel? Keith secured a second frame for one, we’ll get it when the ground thaws. We want to fend for ourselves and grow veggies year round, now we’re going to have plenty of space to do so. But how? I don’t have the first clue on growing in the Winter,  for ins anc4.  I think we’re going to have to basically do it the old-fashioned way, try it until we do it right. I mean, it was 19 degrees today, 19!  Sunny, though! We head this weekend to the greenhouse supply store. I am intimidated by the thought. I have been professing for years, “Oh, we had a greenhouse, 3 actually”  followed by some statement about how it’ll be a piece of cake. Well, I just worked there, I didn’t pay to heat it or have any input into the heating of it and now we’re going to have 2! ?

To give a little flashback, in 1984, my Dad got out of the Pharmaceutical Sales industry and he and my Mom decided to follow their passions – Vermont and landscaping – and bought a nursery/garden center/gift shop in southern Vermont. I worked there all Summer while in high school and college, every day after school, and on weekends. I remember being 16 and putting 60 hours on a timesheet. I was there a lot. We all were, we worked a ton of hours. I look back now and I loved it there. I mean, working for your parents has its ups and downs (as is working with your teenage daughter I imagine!), but again, fond memories and it basically gave me the gardening “bug” except – my experience was with herbs and flowers, not veggies.

The nursery had 2 greenhouses, sunny perennial gardens as well as several shade arbors. My Mom basically took care of the inside and Dad took care of the outside. I planted bulbs, herbs, took care of roses, collected flower seeds, packed seed packets and took care of customers. The greenhouses were glass. They had pulley-type systems for opening the vents built in the top and framework built in for hanging plants.

We’ll have nothing quite so grand. We’ll have 2 plastic greenhouses with box fans for venting and a heating system I’m not sure I understand fully. Keith keeps trying to explain, but I’ll have to see it.

Even though what we’re planning is small in comparison to the greenhouses I worked in before, the difference is…these will be ours. They will hopefully, if we do it right, sustain us, along wiht Peber’s Point (Yup, that name is growing on me, the board still hasn’t voted on the name, but I do like it) our chickens and the grow lights in the basement. I wonder if we’re high, but then I realize that we both missed our calling to be farmers and that, if we’re so passionate about it, it is worth taking a leap of faith. Like my parents did. I’m sure they were terrified about not making it, but they were jumping together and that, I think, makes the landing just a bit softer.

So, I’ m ready, I think.