We’re thinking about raising chickens. Thinking so much about raising chickens, in fact, that Keith has already started talking coop architecture with a handy friend of ours (you know who you are!)

Our neighbor (2 doors up) has chickens and they don’t seem to be much trouble. Last Summer, my niece and I saw a dog killing one of the chickens and Keith and the neighbor confronted the dog owner, I guess that is one of the down-sides.  Up-side – and I think this is a big up-side – EGGS! Fresh ones. If you have never cracked a fresh egg, and I will admit, even the fresh ones I’ve used were still at least 1 day old, you’re in for a treat. We want this.

Apparently, a few other people in my town do as well. Keith sent me an article today about a little legal scuffle in North Hampton that will directly impact our nesting (pun fully intended) dreams.  Here’s the article. http://bit.ly/5Igx4L

I love all the comments after the article – some get a bit nasty, as is bound to happen in social media with no editing, but some are spot on. I like this one from DF in Brentwood, “I hope he wins so I can sue the town due to mosquitos keeping me up at night during the summer!” Isn’t that true? The mosquitoes in this town (we have a lot of wetlands) are ferocious and since I’m really reactive to mosquito bites, the mosquitoes are really the one thing I am fearing the most about the backyard farm/homestead/garden/whatever-we’re-going-to-call-it. Enough about that, back to the roosters.

I find it fascinating that something like this goes in front of a judge in the first place. I didn’t say I was surprised, just fascinated. We’re going to watch this closely. In the meanwhile, I’ll dream of nestling freshly collected, still-warm eggs in the fold of my apron to the sounds of clucking hens (insert Disney-like heroine scene now complete with bluebirds tying the strands of that apron while bunnies hop around my feet) while the Fullerston/Marston and Cheever battle wages on.

Go Ms. Cheever.