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Smash Balloon - WordPress Custom Social Media Feeds Plugin

Smash Balloon is the best social media feeds plugin for WordPress. Over 1,300,000+ websites use Smash Balloon plugins to easily display their social media content in WordPress.

Smash Balloon is a combination of four plugins that makes it easy for you to create and display custom Facebook feeds, custom Instagram feeds, custom Twitter feeds, and custom YouTube feeds on your WordPress site.

You can use Smash Balloon’s plugins to showcase your Instagram photos, to highlight your upcoming Facebook events, to add powerful Twitter testimonials to your sales pages, to show videos from multiple YouTube channels … and much more.

Our goal with Smash Balloon is simple: make it easy to display social media content in WordPress to boost engagement and sales without sacrificing on website speed.

Smash Balloon

What Do You Get with Smash Balloon’s Plugins?

Smash Balloon offers 4 different plugins. They are:

You can buy them individually, or you can get the ‘All-Access Bundle’ if you want all 4 of them at a discount.

Let’s take a look at the most important features that makes Smash Balloon the best social feeds plugin:

  • 100% Responsive and Mobile Optimized – All of Smash Balloon’s plugins are fully responsive and optimized for mobile. That means your social feeds will always look great on all devices (Desktop, laptop, tablet, and smart phones). This isn’t just important for your users. It also helps with your WordPress site’s SEO.
  • No Technical Knowledge Required – Maybe you’ve tried to add social feeds to your site before, but you’ve given up because the process was so complicated. Smash Balloon’s plugins are easy to setup. You don’t need any special technical knowledge to get your custom social feeds up and running, and looking great.
  • Fully Customizable Design – Want to tweak colors, font sizes, or anything else about your feed? You can easily customize your feeds using Smash Balloon’s plugins, without any need for CSS code. Your feeds can blend in seamlessly with your site, or you can make it stand out to get more attention.
  • Powerful Video Support – All 4 of the plugins let you show videos on your site through your feeds. With the YouTube and Facebook plugins, you can even broadcast live videos on your site in real-time.
  • Multiple Different Feeds – Do you want to have a feed with all your posts on one page and just a filtered selection in your sidebar? With Smash Balloon’s plugins, you can create as many different feeds as you want.
  • Amazing Customer Support – Smash Balloon’s support team is fantastic. They’ve been getting brilliant feedback for years, and they’re always happy to help if you get stuck at all.
  • Always Up to Date – Have you ever used a social media plugin on your site that stopped working after the social network changed something? Smash Balloon gives you peace of mind by keeping their plugins fully up to date with any changes that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube make.

Now, let’s take a closer look at some of the best features of each of the individual plugins:

Custom Facebook Feed

A Facebook feed showing reviews

  • Post Caching System – The powerful post caching system minimizes Facebook requests to keep your feed loading super fast. There’s also a built-in backup cache so that your feed will stay up, even if Facebook has some issues.
  • HD, 360°, and Live video – Do you post a lot of videos to Facebook? This feature lets your visitors view videos in full-screen HD. Plus, there’s support for 360° video so your viewers can interact with it live on your site.
  • Supports Comments and Reactions – You can easily display likes, shares, comments, and reactions in a customizable drop-down box below each post. This will even show replies to comments, image attachments, and stickers.
  • Filter Posts by Word or Hashtag – Maybe you only want your feed to contain posts with a certain hashtag or word in them. Alternatively, you might want to filter out posts with a particular hashtag or word. You can easily do that using Custom Facebook Feed.
  • Albums, Reviews, Events, and more – Smash Balloon is one of the few WordPress plugins that can reliably bring your Facebook albums, reviews, events, and other content types in WordPress.

Instagram Feed

An Instagram gallery of photos that uses the 'highlight' style

  • Link Instagram Posts to Pages or Products – Using the Instagram Feed plugin, you can create a ‘shoppable’ feed where each post links to a specific page or product on your site. You could even link to products on other sites.
  • Instagram Stories – You can use Instagram Feed to display your Instagram Stories on your website in a popup lightbox. This can help keep your users engaged with your website for longer.
  • Multiple Layout Options – You can display your Instagram photos in a grid, carousel, masonry layout, or with highlighted posts. Showcase your content in the way that suits you and your site best.
  • Hashtag feeds – Instagram Feed is an approved Instagram partner and fully compatible with the newest version of the Instagram API. This means it can display hashtag feeds 100% reliably.
  • Tagged feeds, Filter posts (Visual Moderation), and more. – Smash Balloon’s Instagram Feed Pro allows you to truly harness the full power of Instagram API to create custom Instagram feeds that can show photos that you’re tagged in, visually moderate the queue to select what shows up on your site, add captions, comments, likes, and so much more to boost engagement.

Custom Twitter Feeds

A custom Twitter feed showing @mentions

  • Infinite Loading – Your visitors can simply scroll down to load more tweets. This is a great way to get people engaged with both your site and your Twitter feed.
  • Display Twitter Cards – When you share links in your feed, the Custom Twitter Feeds plugin will automatically create and display a special Twitter card for that link. This looks great and helps your tweets stand out.
  • Display Tweets That @Mention Your Account – Do you want to share the lovely things that Twitter users are saying about your brand? That’s easily done with Custom Twitter Feeds. You can create a single feed of all tweets from other accounts that mention your Twitter handle.
  • Pop-Up Media Lightbox – Your photos and videos will look great in the beautiful popup lightbox. It lets your visitors get the full experience of your Twitter content without needing to leave your site.
  • Advanced Search Feed, Tweet Moderation, and more – Smash Balloon allows you to create advanced search feed, selectively display reviews from Twitter with tweet moderation, add multi-user or hashtag feeds, and so much more.

Feeds for YouTube

A feed of YouTube videos

  • Customizable Pause and End Actions – You can set up custom actions for when a YouTube video is finished. For instance, you could display a link to one of your product pages or you could show thumbnails of your other videos.
  • Curate Content Using Your Favorites List – With Feeds for YouTube, you can create a feed of videos from your YouTube Favorites list. This makes it simple to share curated content that your audience will love.
  • Multiple Feed Layouts – You can choose to layout your YouTube videos in a grid, gallery, list, or carousel.
  • Custom Post Type – Feeds for YouTube comes with a custom post type. You can convert your videos into custom posts so that they’ll show up as in your blog’s RSS feed. They’ll also appear in search results on your website.
  • Live Streaming API – Live streaming API allows you to easily display your YouTube live videos on your website in real-time.

All 4 of the social feed plugins are really easy to use. Each will walk you through the process of setting up your feed. There’s full documentation on Smash Balloon’s website, too, just in case you get stuck.

Here are just a few examples of how the plugin interfaces look.

With Custom Facebook Feeds, you can easily customize how your Facebook posts display:

Changing the style of the Facebook posts in your custom feed

With Instagram Feed, you can decide how to show your photos on your site:

Changing the layout of your Instagram feed

With Custom Twitter Feeds, you can decide exactly what tweets you want to include on your site:

Deciding which tweets to include on your site

With Feeds for YouTube, you can specify what information you want to show with your videos:

Choosing what information to display with your YouTube videos

Ready to add your social media feeds to your site? It’s quick and easy with Smash Balloon’s plugins. They only take minutes to set up and there is a risk-free 30 day money-back guarantee.

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On a tight budget? There are also free versions of all Smash Balloon’s plugins available from These don’t offer as many features, but they’re still a good way to get started.

You can find them here:

Note: Smash Balloon’s plugins are maintained by WPBeginner’s founder Syed Balkhi and the awesome team at Smash Balloon.